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Exploration de données avec Datasette#

Workshop given with Pierre-Loïc Bayart on May 25, 2023 at the Python Meetup Grenoble.

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The Datasette ecosystem consists in a series of tools to ease data exploration with Python and SQL. This open-source project was created in 2017 by Simon Willison (co-creator of the Django framework) and have been growing steadily ever since. One of the particularities of this software is its extensive usage of the SQLite database engine. The plugin system of Datasette allows other developers to contribute to the ecosystem by extending the features progressively, such as providing data visualisations and easier deployments.

In this workshop, we will discover the ecosystem around Datasette to explore, analyze and manipulate a real-world dataset. We will get closer to business intelligence workflow using only open-source tools.

(Only available in French 🇫🇷)