I mostly write about software engineering for cloud-native applications. And some other stuff.

Cloudflare setup for CDN and PaaS platforms

When hosting applications using modern CDNs and PaaS platforms such as Vercel and Heroku, configuring Cloudflare as the protecting proxy in front of those services can be challenging. After some research, I managed to find a permanent solution.

cloud web cdn paas cloudflare vercel

Scrubbing URL fragments from Sentry crash reports

When activating Sentry crash reporting in JavaScript client-side code, the default mechanism captures and sends the current URL, including any URL fragments. This can pose a privacy issue when dealing with client-side end-to-end encrypted applications.

e2ee typescript web privacy sentry

GitOps CI/CD workflows with GitHub Actions

The current state of GitHub Actions is promising but still has some rough edges, when it comes to configuring complete GitOps CI/CD workflows. But I've managed to find some tricks to get the job done.

devops gitops ci-cd github actions yaml